USPCA Region 10

Message from Region 10

President James Crisler would like to remind all members to submit cases for "Case of the Quarter" to Region 10 Secretary N. Salamoni at for consideration. These submissions showcase the fine work our Members carry out on a daily basis. Most importantly it recognizes the individual Officers' efforts and provides encouragement.

Future cases that are selected will be published in the "Region News" section of this site. For submission deadlines refer to a memo posted on our national site by clicking here. Keep in mind these are the deadlines for the Region to submit all cases to the National Secretary. Our cases should be submitted as soon as possible for review and selection. Guidelines for how the case should be submitted will be posted here soon.

Lt. Steven Whitstine - EOW 5/30/2019

Event Updates

Photo Submission - For all those who took photos of the 2019 Field Trials and wish to submit them please email the site administrator For large file submissions someone can make arrangements to pick up a media drive with your photos.

USPCA Region 10 Webpage

| Site Submissions | Feel free to contact the web administrator if you have news, events, or content you wish to share with the Region. Your contributions to the Regions web site will make our site more resourceful for handlers across the region and help attract new members to the United States Police Canine Association.


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